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The craze for sports betting, online casino, poker and eSports is growing exponentially while the profits continue to soar every year. One of its driving components or subsets is wagering on the future outcome of a game or event, called iGaming. Exaslots, a leading iGaming services provider designs and builds newly skinned / themed white label and fully customized games application with exciting features.

The Role of Exaslots in iGaming Software Development -

Exaslots has built a state of the art development centre in Mumbai, India with dedicated teams for various software / applications development. Our resources are not limited to just technologies. Our highly passionate and certified developers form the backbone of our iGaming development environment. We exploit 2D, 3D animations, crisp and high resolution graphics, intuitive UX / UI for enhanced customer experience and engagement. When it comes to iGaming, Exaslots is second to none. No wonder we are tagged as one of the best iGaming Companies in this part of the world.

How do customers benefit from Exaslots iGaming Developers?

Unmatched Customer Experience -

While our white label casino software allows customers to redesign templates for personal branding, which is an excellent choice for certain games and events, Exaslots strongly recommends full stack development for enhanced personalization. This is especially true for games which we build from the scratch. With unique colour scheme, themed design, complementing UX /UI and patented graphics, customers can woo wagers with an exciting iGaming platforms or fantasy sports platforms.

Improved Customer Engagement -

Intuitive and compelling features attract wagers. This includes fair and exciting betting odds, betting types and excellent reward system. Moreover, as a leading iGaming software provider our designers and coders integrate some of the best UX/UI and seamless functionalities. It enhances customer retention and customer engagement. In fact our iGaming solutions are highly recommended by the bettors as well as owners of these platforms.

Enhanced Profits -

Exaslots, a top iGaming platform development firm designs iGaming software which is integrated with social media marketing and monetization tools. However, what makes our software distinct from others in its inherent strength, its humane design, seamless flow of actions and functions, and addictive features. We exploit widgets to build the excitement further and thereby woo betting enthusiasts to play for a longer time and visit frequently. All this leads to increased profits for our business associates.

Exaslots Broad Spectrum of iGaming Software Development Services -

Exaslots range of services is not limited to just white label casino software or iGaming extension. We provide a host of affiliated help in digital gaming domain. Besides, our integration and revamping services are considered the best in this industry. Our long list of customers is the proof to this claim. Check out our services menu, and pick the one that fulfils your business needs.

iGaming platform development demands implementation of engaging gameplay resources. Exaslots, iGaming software developer, a pioneer in this field, goes a step further. Our Services help you integrate any white label products of your choice, including iGaming extension, retail software and customization.

iGaming Software Solutions Provider -

  • Modernization of UX / UI for iGaming Software.
  • iGaming features enhancement in the form of extensions.
  • Back-end integration / development.
  • Payment management system including multi-vendor.
  • Payment gateway integration.
  • Users and admin management console.
  • Reporting and multi-language support.

Go International with our iGaming Software extension / application -

As one of the finest iGaming Software Development Company we provide while label casino, iGaming software and web applications which are a big hit with local as well as international bettors. Exaslots developers are experienced in designing and building world class mobile apps ( Android & iOS ) using latest development tools and programming environments.

If you're looking to take your iGaming platform to an international audience, Exaslots is a valuable igaming software provider for you. Exaslots is a company that specializes in providing online igaming solutions to businesses. We offer a range of services to help you expand your platform's reach and engage with players from around the world.

Moreover, Exaslots provides analytics and reporting features that allow you to monitor your platform's performance and make data-driven decisions. we also offer customer support services to help you resolve any issues that may arise.

Overall, Exaslots can be a valuable partner for businesses looking to expand their iGaming platform internationally. Our expertise and services can help you navigate the challenges of operating in different regions and maximize your platform's success.

Exaslots’ iGaming software Development Company Services - An Overview

As mentioned earlier, our range of services include while label casino software, iGaming extension, customization, online gambling and lottery. Mentioned below is an overview of our services and application enhancement support which are packaged as mobile software or web applications -

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  • Front and backend development.
  • Reports, wallet and payment system.
  • User payment settlements.
  • Data integration.
  • And much more - Call or mail for details.

  • Casino Software.
  • iGaming platform.
  • Fantasy Sports Software Development.
  • Fantasy Sports Software Development.
  • Mobile App Development Services.
  • And much more - Call or mail for details.

  • Full stack development ( Mobile & Web ).
  • Design and interface services.
  • Backend system - Users and owner management.
  • Reporting and cumulative Pay-out integration.
  • And much more - Call or mail for details.

  • Pool betting software.
  • Fantasy sports application development.
  • SportsBook mobile applications.
  • White label casino software.
  • Online casino software.
  • Lottery mobile applications.
  • And much more - Call or mail for details.

  • Bespoke integration of features.
  • Widgets and user interface modifications.
  • Seamless customer experience modules.
  • Social media marketing and monetization.
  • iGaming services.
  • And much more - Call or mail for details.

  • Binary games applications.
  • SportsBook and exchange software.
  • White label casino development.
  • Customization of SportsBook / Exchange application.
  • Features integration.
  • And much more - Call or mail for details.


The digital sphere, especially sports and games betting domain is populated with iGaming platform providers. The idea is to choose the most relevant, transparent, experienced and affordable development agency. Exaslots fulfils all the said parameters.

In fact, we will go a step ahead and call ourselves as a technology driven Development Company that envisages trending applications across this exciting business vertical. Connect with us with your queries. Like our gaming software we offer rapid, seamless and exciting solutions.


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